About Us

The Maine Mariners are a professional ice hockey team in the ECHL. The team is affiliated with the Boston Bruins and Providence Bruins. 


The Maine Mariners logo is a collection of imagery and colors that will make fans think of this great state. Maine has one of the most beautiful and expansive shorelines in the country. The logo colors are a nod to the salty blue sea and the luscious forestry that covers much of the state.

  1. The lighthouse – Maine is home to 65 historical lighthouses along the shore. These structures help guide the Mariners to safety and the Maine Mariners will certainly be “lighting the lamp” often!
  2. The Dirigo Star – Dirigo is the state motto and is Latin for “I lead”. The Maine Mariners plan to lead the way to a great connection with the community and aim to lead the ECHL in wins on and off the ice.
  3. ME – The M and trident form an ME, which is the abbreviation for the great state of Maine
  4. Pine Tree – One of the nicknames of Maine is the Pine Tree State. The center spear of the trident pays homage to the native evergreens.